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Oh, Erica, I totally get what you've said. I wish it all were different. One thing I can suggest is seeing if you can find a medical equipment charity that gives away or sells very cheap the equipment you need. Ie., the lightweight folding scooter. Like the one I have, which cost me $2700 and that was a few years ago. But when taken apart, the heaviest part is still about 20-25lbs. It's hard for me to lift it into my car but I can do it if I have to. My hope for you is that you get what you need by hook or by crook. Hugs, Francine

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I have retrofitted both the front and the back of my regular walker with wheels. I use it to carry a tray (yes, and it fits OK). I used it outdoors before I got my rollator. The wheels I put on the “back” have brakes that grab the floor if you push down. None of this is expensive, but I agree that the regular walkers should come with them. I’ll send you a photo if you want. Don’t see a way to send a photo on this app.

My rollator, a Zoom Nova, is my favorite horse if I’m not sure the place I’m going has seats I can get up from. Yes, $229 is more than it should be, and yes, Medicare should pay for them, or things like them. And yes, it’s ugly, but the “stylish” ones either don’t have a seat, or the seat is impossibly low for me. It’s the only one I found that’s high enough to get up from. I’m better now, can do seats with arms, but still have trouble with regular toilets and some chairs. Many rollators don’t even list seat height in the specs!

The Zoom comes in several seat heights and is not too heavy to manage, especially tipping and sliding it into the back seat to lie flat. This particular rollator also comes with a gadget I have not seen elsewhere to keep the wheels from falling open when lifting it. Yeah, patented, easy to lose, and $30 including shipping to replace. This time, I drilled a hole in the plastic and added a cord to tie it onto the frame.

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As noted in several comments, wheels in the back would require brakes. Apparently this can be accomplished by the mechanically inclined. I don't use a walker yet, but am very interested in electric trikes. They're hella expensive, so I'm wondering if anybody's tried just putting some wide training wheels on a regular, 2-wheel electric bike. Would that work?

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I can’t find the tray I have now on Amazon, and it’s OK but not ideal. Good enough that I never bought another one. Here are the wheels.

All of these fit standard walker legs

Wheels with brakes


Big wheels that work outdoors


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